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Pre-lab exercise
Pre-lab video
How to Use the Online dissector - PLEASE READ FIRST    
Lab 1
Fri, Aug 26
Skin and Hypaxial Muscles

Surface Anatomy of the Back

Pre-lab video
Lab 2
Mon, Aug 29
Epaxial Muscles

Vertebral Curvature

Pre-lab video
Lab 3
Wed, Aug 31
Laminectomy and Ventral Body Wall
Spinal Cord and Ventral Body Wall

Pre-lab video

Laminectomy video

Tue, Sep 6
(Written) Lecture (Practical) Lab: Back
Lab 4
Wed, Sep 7

Shoulder, Axilla, and Arm

Surface Anatomy of the Shoulder, Axilla, and Arm

Pre-lab video

Lab 5
Fri, Sep 9

 Extensor Compartment and Hand

Surface Anatomy of the Forearm and Hand

Pre-lab video

Lab 6
Fri, Sep 16

 Flexor Compartment and Palm

Vessels of the Upper Limb

 Pre-lab video

Mon, Sep 19
(Written) Lecture
Lab 7
Wed, Sep 21

Gluteal Region and Posterior Thigh

Surface Anatomy of the Gluteal Region

Pre-lab video

Lab 8
Fri, Sep 23

Surface Anatomy of the Thigh and Leg

Pre-lab video

Lab 9
Wed, Sep 28

Posterior leg and foot

Forelimb & Hind Limb Osteology

Surface Anatomy of the Foot

Pre-lab video

Pre-lab video

Mon, Oct 3
(Written) Lecture: (Practical) Lab: Limbs
Lab 10
Fri, Oct 7
Mediastinum and Heart
Surface Anatomy of the Heart
Pre-lab video
Mon, Oct 17
(Written) Lecture:
Lab 11
Wed, Oct 19
Lungs and Posterior Thorax
Surface Anatomy of the Pleura and Lungs
Pre-lab video
Lab 12
Fri, Oct 21
Anterior Body Wall and Abdominal Viscera
Surface Anatomy of the Anterior Abdominal Wall
Pre-lab video
Lab 13
Mon, Oct 24
Removal of GI and UG Tracts, and Posterior Abdominal Wall
Surface Anatomy of the Abdominal Viscera
Pre-lab video
Mon, Oct 31
(Written) Lecture (Practical) Lab: Thorax and Abdomen
Lab 14
Wed, Nov 9
Inguinal Region and Gonads
Surface Anatomy of the Inguinal Region
Pre-lab video
Mon, Nov 14
(Written) Lecture (Practical) Lab: Pelvis
Lab 15
Wed, Nov 16
Pelvis & Perineum

Pre-lab video

Perineum video

Lab 16
Fri, Nov 18
Pelvic Contents

Surface Anatomy of the Pelvis & Perineum

Pre-lab video

Lab 17
Mon, Nov 28

 Dry Skull




Skull Osteology Video 



Lab 18
Wed, Nov 30

 Interior of the Cranium



 Removal of the Brain video


Lab 19
Fri, Dec 2

Face and Scalp

 Eye and Orbit (optional dissection of the Ear)

Surface Anatomy of the Face 

Surface Anatomy of the Eye and Ear

 Pre-lab video

 Pre-lab video

Mon, Dec 5
(Written) Lecture    
Lab 20 
Tue, Dec 6

Neck I


Cross Section and Surface Anatomy of the Neck

Pre-lab video 


Lab 21
Wed, Dec 7
Neck II Cross Section and Surface Anatomy of the Neck

Pre-lab video  


Lab 22
Thur, Dec 8
Cerebral Cortex and Blood Supply to the CNS
Removal of the Brain video
Lab 23
Fri, Dec 9
Brain Stem Surface and Cranial Nerves
Removal of the Brain video
Lab 24
Fri, Dec 9

Mastication and Infratemporal Fossa 1

Mastication and Infratemporal Fossa 2 

 Mastication  Pre-lab video
Lab 25
Mon, Dec 12
Pharynx and Retropharyngeal Space
Atlanto-occipital Joint & Larynx

Pre-lab video

Larynx video

Lab 26
Tues, Dec 13
Bisected Head

The Mouth and Pulse Points of the Head

Pre-lab video
Fri, Dec 16
(Written) Lecture (Practical) Lab: Head, Neck, Brain    

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