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Vertebrae - Team Based Event    
Lab 1
Wed, Aug 26
Skin and Hypaxial Muscles

Surface Anatomy of the Back

Lab 1 Pre-lab video
Lab 2
Mon, Aug 31
Epaxial Muscles

Vertebral Curvature

Lab 2 Pre-lab video
Lab 3
Wed, Sept 2
Laminectomy and Ventral Body Wall
Spinal Cord and Ventral Body Wall

Lab 3 Pre-lab video

Laminectomy video

Tues, Sept 8
(Written) Lecture: Intro to Embryology, TBS, Typical Spinal Nerve; (Practical) Lab: Back
Lab 4
Wed, Sept 9

Shoulder, Axilla, and Arm

Surface Anatomy of the Shoulder, Axilla, and Arm

Lab 11 pre-lab video

Lab 5
Fri, Sept 11

Flexor Compartment and Palm

Surface Anatomy of the Forearm and Hand

Lab 12 pre-lab video

Lab 6
Fri, Sept 18

Extensor Compartment and Hand

Vessels of the Upper Limb

Lab 13 pre-lab video

Mon, Sept 21
(Written) Lecture:
Lab 7
Wed, Sept 23

Gluteal Region and Posterior Thigh

Surface Anatomy of the Gluteal Region

Lab 14 pre-lab video

Lab 8
Fri, Sept 25

Surface Anatomy of the Thigh and Leg

Lab 15 pre-lab video

Lab 9
Wed, Sept 30

Posterior leg and foot

Forelimb & Hind Limb Osteology

Surface Anatomy of the Foot

Lab 16a pre-lab video

Lab 16b pre-lab video

Mon, Oct 5
(Written) Lecture: (Practical) Limbs
Lab 10
Wed, Oct 7
Mediastinum and Heart
Surface Anatomy of the Heart
Lab 4 pre-lab video
Mon, Oct 19
(Written) Lecture:
Lab 11
Wed, Oct 21
Lungs and Posterior Thorax
Surface Anatomy of the Pleura and Lungs
Lab 5 pre-lab video
Lab 12
Fri, Oct 23
Anterior Body Wall and Abdominal Viscera
Surface Anatomy of the Anterior Abdominal Wall
Lab 6 pre-lab video
Lab 13
Mon, Oct 26
Removal of GI and UG Tracts, and Posterior Abdominal Wall
Surface Anatomy of the Abdominal Viscera
Lab 7 pre-lab video
Mon, Nov 2
(Written) Lecture: (Practical) Thorax and Abdomen
Lab 14
Mon, Nov 9
Inguinal Region and Gonads
Surface Anatomy of the Inguinal Region
Lab 8 pre-lab video
Lab 15
Wed, Nov 11
Pelvis & Perineum

Lab 9 pre-lab video

Perineum video

Lab 16
Fri, Nov 13
Pelvic Contents

Surface Anatomy of the Pelvis & Perineum

Lab 10 pre-lab video

Mon, Nov 16
(Written) Lecture: (Practical) Pelvis
Lab 17
Mon, Nov 30
Face and Scalp

Dry Skull

Surface Anatomy of the Face

Lab 17 pre-lab video

Skull Osteology Video

Lab 18
Wed, Dec 2
Neck and Carotid Sheath

Cross Section and Surface Anatomy of the Neck

Lab 18 pre-lab video
Lab 19
Thurs, Dec 3

Mastication and Infratemporal Fossa 1

Lab 20
Fri, Dec 4

Mastication and Infratemporal Fossa 2

Lab 20 pre-lab video
Mon, Dec 7
(Written) Lecture:
Lab 21
Tue, Dec 8
Interior of the Cranium
Lab 21 pre-lab video: Removal of the Brain
Lab 22
Wed, Dec 9
Cerebral Cortex and Blood Supply to the CNS
Lab 22 pre-lab video: Removal of the Brain
Lab 23
Thur, Dec 10
Brain Stem Surface and Cranial Nerves
Lab 23 pre-lab video: Removal of the Brain
Lab 24
Fri, Dec 11
Internal Anatomy of the Brainstem and Spinal Cord    
Lab 25
Fri, Dec 11
Eye and Orbit (optional dissection of the Ear)
Surface Anatomy of the Eye and Ear
Lab 25 pre-lab video
Lab 26
Mon, Dec 14
Pharynx and Retropharyngeal Space
Atlanto-occipital Joint & Larynx

Lab 26 pre-lab video

Larynx video

Lab 27
Tues, Dec 15
Bisected Head

The Mouth and Pulse Points of the Head

Lab 27 pre-lab video
Lab 28
Wed, Dec 16
Internal Anatomy of the Forebrain    
Fri, Dec 18
(Written) Lecture: Cranial autonomics, Special senses, Interior of the cranium, Development of the CNS; (Practical) Lab: Head, Neck, Brain    

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